I scream Hot Dog Toaster

Well at least that is what my mom’s friend thinks. For my 32nd birthday I was given a salad spinner, which is cool cause I’ve always wanted one…..and a hot dog toaster. Yes, I know. I can hear your HUH?! I can see the tilt of your head trying to picture what the hell a hot dog toaster is. And I can see you trying to figure out how I knew you just did that tilt of the head and the HUH. It’s because I did it too dumbass. Sorry didn’t mean to get all bitchy there but really, what makes you think of that particular gift to get someone. Do I give off the feeling of I LOVE HOT DOGS!!! HOTS DOGS ARE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. OM NOMNOM ALL I EAT ARE HOT DOGS.

I really don’t eat hot dogs because every time I think of a hot dog, I think of the movie The Great Outdoors and how Dan Ackroydtold some one that Hot dogs were made of Lips and Ass.  But occasionally i’ll eat them during a cookout, which is in the summer, and my birthday is after the summer. But I can save it til next year, right?

I kept looking at it. It was just something that made me question the vibe I give off for someone to give me a present like this. It kinda makes me think they were watching infomercials at 3:30am and this hot dog toaster came on the TV and she was all “OMG DEEDEE WOULD LOVE THAT! SHE LOVES TO COOK” so she called the 800 number because the toaster was only $19.95 +$4.95 shipping and handling But not only that YOU GET A FREE SALAD SPINNER a $15.00 value for FREE!! So she called and ordered it just for me. Granted its the thought that counts, so thank you for a present, but thank you for insulting me with a hot dog toaster.

I guess I can re-gift it, but what if she comes to my house for a cookout and she craves a hot dog. A TOASTED HOT DOG. And I no longer have the toaster cause I re-gifted the weird infomercial product.

Also,if I do re-gift I would ALWAYS make sure I knew the person well enough to know what they like. At least well enough to give them something so off the wall.

As, you can see here, this is the toaster from  the “birds eye view” You see 2 holes for the lovely wieners to go into.  The 2 moon shaped  things are for the buns. Because you just can’t have non-toasted buns for your toasted  hot-dogs! You must experience the whole toasting extravaganza!

But I am grateful I got a present. Even if it is really weird.


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