In Retrospect…

Since todays is my birthday I started to think about the past, cause as you get older thats what you do right? You start to think about things you did, things you wish you did, things you wish you didn’t do and all that other stuff. Well I heard this one song today on the radio. The indie college radio channel because let’s face there really isn’t a station or platform for indie groups to get a mainstream voice.

But this one song I heard was from the Broken Bells and the song was called The Ghost Inside. When I first heard it it reminded me of The Talking Heads and Gorillaz. It is as if those 2 bands had sex and popped out this totally awesome baby band.

See, Right? Aren’t they totally Awesome Sauce?! After listening to their songs I can actually say I want to BUY their album. I mean for me to actually buy an album…is big. Their whole album is good. Pretty much better than a lot of music coming out today. This music is different. It doesn’t sound manufactured or formulaic. It’s real music.

But because of this song, I was all in the reminiscing mood of wanting to hear the Talking Heads and other 80’s groups. My Fav Song by them is Stay Up All Night. Listen below or i EATCHU!


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