I have Herpes Yes I do!!!!

Ok it’s not that bad herpes, ya know the genital ones that make your penis fall off or your lovely man in the boat shrivel up and die. No I have the cold sore herpes.

I discovered this yesterday at work. I was sitting there and felt a little pain inside my lower lip right in the middle towards the topish area. I was like oh dude I have a pimple coming in. People it is possible to get pimples in your lip. I totally read about it on the internet and saw pictures on that thing called you tube.

I’ve gotten them before. Last time I had one was maybe 3 years ago or so. But I remember what someone told me to get rid of them. It is a bit painful. More on the “omg it stings it stings” level, but it’s totally tolerable. All you have to do is put salt on the cold sore and it goes bye bye!!! Salt is like a corrosive thing and will ultimately EAT AWAY THE COLD SORE OF DOOM!

I do wonder how I got this little Herpes thing. So to find out I went to this website Yo Mouf Gotsa Disease!!

Ok so that isn’t the name of the website but it gives good info on cold sores AKA HERPES OF THE MOUTH!


(ok I know it’s not really an update because I haven’t published this post yet because I was going to look up pics to show you the type of herpes cold sore i had and I saw a pic of a mouth ulcer)

Turns out….I don’t have herpes. I have a mouth ulcer. I looked up on the trusty Wikipedia and saw a picture of a mouth ulcer and it’s exactly what it looks like. SEE!!!!!!!!! MOUTH ULCER!!!!!!! BUT I AM STILL TREATING IT LIKE I NORMALLY DO….with salt! Because really that is the only way to get rid of that shit.  Yes I know I’m a retard thinking I had Herpes.

Oh when I told my dad I thought I had herpes he immediately said, “who were you sleeping with? Be more careful next time retard.” Gotta love my Dad for thinking of me as a whore.


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