It’s getting a bit “nippy” now

Apparently I was feeling the cold. Even though I wasn’t shivering, my other parts of my body were cold. Mainly 2 parts of my body. 2 very SMALL parts of my body. Yes my nipples were nippy.

I am at work right at this moment. Before I typed this, I was in the bathroom and I was washing my hands, because WE ALL SHOULD WASH OUR HANDS AFTER! Anyway, as I was washing my hands I happened to look up at the mirror and I saw 2 bumps looking back at me. My face was all “O.o” So the next thing I tried to do was make them “disappear” by rubbing them down. Kinda like ironing out creases, I was “ironing” out my nipples.

It didn’t work. So I tried to “adjust” my boobs, to not look so “pointy”. Yeah, didn’t work. So I tried the ironing bit again. Didn’t work. So I’m sitting here at my desk with pointy nips. It actually made me think of the movie Showgirls with Elizabeth Berkley, particularly the part where she was auditioning for a spot in the show and she couldn’t get her nipples erect. I have the opposite problem. Mine just seemed permanently erect. I need to get them to go down.  I feel awkward talking to my male bosses with nipples all staring at them. Granted I wouldn’t feel so bad if they were hot and single, but my bosses are neither hot nor single.

So I went online to find nipple covers. AND THEY ACTUALLY MAKE THEM. I think I need to make a sound investment in these nipple covers. That or try to find a bra with a bit in anti nipple showing device.

Or, if anyone has any advice on  how to make your nips not so nippy… let me know. I will appreciate any and all advice given. For this is a seriously matter for us women. Men are so lucky sometimes. Then do not need to worry about just issues like this. Granted we women don’t have to deal with jock itch, or male pattern baldness. So YAY FOR US WOMEN!!


2 thoughts on “It’s getting a bit “nippy” now

  1. Dude!
    Sex and the City had those in an episode, but then the opposite.
    As in like, a hard nipple cover… so you could SEE that there was a hard nipple lol
    Obviously Samantha paraded it around
    I should check out which episode that was…

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