Devil – MY defense on M. Night’s Movies

I saw the movie last night. I happen to be a fan of all of M. Night’s movies (However, I haven’t seen the Last Airbender so I will refrain from saying anything about it). What makes me laugh about all the “critics” reviews is that they still tend to hold on to Night’s first  movie The Sixth Sense. They will forever compared every movie subconsciously or consciously to Sixth Sense and refuse to grade his other movies on it’s own merit. Plus, I feel critics have a negative outlook on the horror genre in general.

To give my review, I will say that Devil was a good movie. Was it great? No. But it was good. I happen to be a horror fanatic and I jumped a few times in the theater. The use of the music, set design, and use of story telling made this movie a pretty good thriller/horror. M. Night never fully comes out and splashes in your face the monster in any of his films with the exception of Signs (even though he intended to make the aliens look transparent or chameleon like) or Lady in the Water (because it was a modern day fairytale so there are monsters). What is so great about his films is that he makes the “monster” so relate-able because the greatest monster is man. So taking something theological and to many people the greatest fear, the Devil, and have him/her/it in a human form will make the mind even more suspicious of who is who. Then to put them in a confined space dangling 20+ floors above the ground not knowing who the killer is…it’s pretty damn terrifying.

Night takes this film, which he did not direct, and made it so that everything we do will have a cause and effect. Maybe not right away but somewhere down the line, what you did will eventually come back to haunt you. What is wrong about having a movie that has a moral to the story? Why must these critics want a one dimensional movie? Well, Night doesn’t make movies like that. They are multi-layered very subtly. Sorry it’s not in your face defined.

His movies are never about the outside action bringing the fear to you, its about making your mind think and feel things subconsciously. His way of creating horror is subtle so not everyone will outwardly see it so maybe that is the problem. A lot of the critics want to see it in plain view and told to their face “OK THIS IS SCARY SCREAM NOW BE SCARED”. I guess Night expects us to use our minds and have some iota of intelligence when watching his films. Are all his movies classics? No they aren’t. But to be panned one by one by so called movie critic elitists that time after time look down upon horror/fantasy/sci-fi genre I refuse to give the criticism a second thought. (these are the same people that actually said the American version of The Ring was scary. It was shit plain shit. If you want to discuss Asian horror vs American Attempt at Asian Horror style feel free. But Asian horror will always be better than the American attempt at their movie style because of the the cultural differences when it comes to ghosts, etc.) Their reviews on any movies on the genres I’ve stated will hold no water amongst people that have actually seen and love this genre. I will take a negative review from a genre fan because at least they can hold an intelligent discussion based on other movies like this and not because “It wasn’t as good as the Sixth Sense”.

But the big question… Is the movie good? Yes, and I would pay to see it in the theater again and again.


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