I’ll Bite on His Hard Candy *wink wink wiggle giggle*

Yes the title of the post is meant to be ALL SEXUAL because it is in reference to the sexy actor Patrick Wilson. But before we get into the sexiness of Mr. Wilson, I need to give a bit of back story on this whole statement (Actually, I wanted to title this post “Age 14 is women enough” But I thought a little bit about how maybe that would get me hate comments or Pro-Pedo people comments. Neither of which i want on my blog soooooo this was the safest title.)

Anyway, the back story on this post title. A few days ago, I posted on myfriends Facebook page about how I was recycling my celeb crushes and I was back onto crushing Mr. Patrick Wilson. She had no idea who he was but googled him and found him HOT too. A couple responses later I told her I loved him in the movie Hard Candy even if he played the Pedo. Simply, because he was hot. REALLY FREAKING HOT, that if I was 14 and he came onto me….I wouldn’t mind.

Ok so to give a quick summary on what Hard Candy is about: A 14 year old girl (Ellen Page) goes to meet this guy (Patrick Wilson) for sex. While at his house they start to talk, he seems sweet charismatic and just all around hotness. But little does he know the girl isn’t there for sex, but is there for revenge. She is like the Pedo Vigilante. Apparently, there was another girl that was murdered or something (sorry too busy fantasizing about Patrick’s character to really follow) and Ellen’s character wants revenge so she hunts down peopel involved and basically gives them the ultimatum of “kill yourself or risk going to jail”. But the action leading up to the big part is pretty damn intense. Great movie, great acting, and even a snipping of the balls….or is it snipped?

So, now that you have the summary of the movie, I can move on to the statement. So after a couple posts on my friend Facebook, I wrote the statement:

“Watch him in Hard Candy. he is like a pedo in that movie. But he is such a cute sexy hot pedo. I don’t think I would have minded. Mind you 14 is woman enough. After all you start your period by then. So hence you are a woman now. So its not pedo sex. It would just be a May December relationship. mmmmmmm May December relationships so naughty!!!”

Then one of her friend’s wrote:

“Mind you 14 is woman enough” — wtf.”

After I saw that statement, I started to laugh. It was funny…admit it! But it’s because she doesn’t know me, but Nicky know’s me and knows my humor. She knows I never advocated pedophilia. Just Nicky knows I’m a bit of a horny Jack Rabbit. So my statement was out of pure jest. But it did make me think, if at 14 a man that looked like this:

Would I mind if he wanted to bed me? ummmmmm No. I probably wouldn’t because at 14… I looked 18. I developed first and was just a bit more into the male species LIKE THE ONE ABOVE. So yes I believe at 14 (for me) woman is enough. But if it is some ugly leper of a man, then no, 14 isn’t. It all depends on the physical look of the man….and of course if he is a psycho murderer. After all, I don’t want to be murdered after sex. That would totally NOT be worth it.

BTW: I still love Patrick Wilson but my new Celeb crush as of this moment is This man:

Mr. Bradley Cooper. Hot Hot Pure Sex. Never thought of him as hot until I saw him in A-Team. That body is just pure unadulterated Sex. And for the life of me, I don’t know why he is dating Renee “Lemonface” Zellwegger. He should date someone like…Eva Mendes or someone hot like that. They would make some pretty babies. But I will just enjoy my eye candy and not worry about who is dating who, even it does make me go “Huh”


2 thoughts on “I’ll Bite on His Hard Candy *wink wink wiggle giggle*

    Of course I understand.
    ‘s ’cause I’m awesome like that.

    And I kinda wanne see that movie now.
    First off ’cause Ellen Page is awesome.
    Second ’cause the storyline sounds pretty good.
    And the male lead isn’t bad either. 😛


  2. you need to watch that movie. It’s freaking the balls. LITERALLY. Ellen and Patrick AMAZING in it. the acting really made you uncomfortable but you literally felt sorry for him and kinda hated her, but then cheered her. ya know. WATCH IT! We can watch it together on one of our movie DATE NIGHTS!!!

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