Things said while on Ambien

Let’s get this straight, I’m not a druggie nor some junkie. I discovered Ambien when my brother had trouble sleeping due to his dialysis. His Doctor prescribed him the pills and I asked him out of curiosity if I could have one. Well I took one, cause thats how we roll. I give him pain killers he gives me ambien. I felt all floaty like when I took one. It was awesome. Then I heard from a friend that ambien was like baby acid. However, I never hallucinated or anything so no biggie.

After a few months I tried it again. Only this time I took two. I looked at my bed sheets and noticed they were moving, along with the carpet in my floor. This must be the beginnings of the baby acid trip. But nothing big. A few weeks later my brother got another prescription and he gave me like 5 pills. I took 2 to start then was like, let me take 1 more. Then I noticed my chair that had clothes on it was apparently invested with demons and again my floor was moving. I will admit, I liked this feeling. I wasn’t addicted. I didn’t have to have it. It was just recreational.

Then a couple months later, I decided let me try 5 at once. I know… I know it was stupid. I was very disoriented but also felt very nauseous. I still had the right of mind to go to the bathroom and throw up. I vowed never to take that many at once again. It was just stupid. But hey you live and learn. So I knew about ambien WAY before Mr. Tiger Woods made it the popular thing to try.

Anyway, the point of this post was I was reading a blog post from Hyperbole and A Half on her writing a post while she was drinking 5 mini rum bottles. It made me remember my Birthday present to my friend Shauna. I recorded myself on Ambien and…well it was interesting to say the least. So here is a transcript (which Shauna transcribed) from my Happy B-day wish. I don’t have the recording anymore cause Ii deleted

for liah or Shauna however you want your name to be called. I don’t have any batteries so I decided that I’m just gonna do a voice thing and when I get the batteries I will put them in the camera so you can see what I look like when I take at least 3 ambien. Now the trick is you need to have 2 ambien to start with. It’s ok if you already eaten something just don’t eat anything afterwards cause that will make you really sick, so I mean makes me sick cause I threw up somewhere. I think I threw up in the sink but I don’t, I don’t know. um yeah so when you take it I hope you can take it cause its awesome so I think you just go to your doctor and be like ‘I can’t sleep! I have all these kids and all these kids just make me go so crazy, and I get depressed and you know’ *unintelligible rambling* cause they don’t understand anything because they are guys. Go ahead cause I think that will like so work. But Yeah I think you should do that. Just make sure that if you are gonna take it, that you are going to be in front of the camera. your your yourah yourah yourah yourah yourah yourah y y y web cam thing, that is the only place you are goin to go. And even though you’re tired you’ll probably fall asleep at the chair. Like I did, just before I did this. cause my preist bottle who looks like the arizona sweet tea thing he’s all very preistly and I’m not very preistly but he was telling me that if I continue to do that that I am going to release the demons and in order to get those demons away I had to go on a journey and you guys were just sitting there inside the goddamned computer not doing anything like helping so I don’t know why I consider you friends sometimes cause you don’t help. But yeah uh my preist guy (whispers) I think he’s a pedophile like really I don’t wanna say it too loud cause he sometimes scares me so I think I should drink like all the tea that is in the bottle and then like throw it out. Cause then he’d be dead. So yeah, he’s kinda eyeing me I put it on my end table and he’s just like (whispers again) really really controlling bastard. And I hope he doesn’t hear that. Ya know? But Just warning you about the things that can happen when you’re on ambien. A Whole new world will open up and you will tend to see things a little bit differently so I love you, and Happy Birthday and I am going to go give this to you now. ok bye

Yes really I do not know. But I also found this transcript from Shauna’s LJ about me in IRC (thats a chat client…its old school yo!)  while on Ambien. It’s really HUH?! But ya, My nickname is Miette on there so. Have fun and remember take Ambien responsibly.

Daphne|football || …oh lord ||
Daphne|football || MIETTE!!!!!!!!!!! ||
Daphne|football || i think…she is high.,…again ||
Daphne|football || ..MEGGERS! GUESS WHAT!!!??? ||
Miette|NotanIdol º§º I JUST TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo23 akmbien º§º
Daphne|football || i know ||
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i sent daph a text º§º
Daphne|football || i got your text honey ||
Miette|NotanIdol º§º my ketbords look liek cchocoolate'[[] º§º
Rory|PiW ~+~ was it readable daph? ~+~
Daphne|football || did you go see the man yesterday? ||
Daphne|football || yes..i understood her ambien talk ||
Rory|PiW ~+~ hehh ~+~
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i have 5 more in my povkry] º§º
* Iorek (~prof.kimi@ has joined #slytherin
Iorek ~®~ :(Daphne|football) ~®~
Daphne|football> || love you ||
Iorek ~®~ pfft ~®~
TroubleMakerInChief M lol G
Daphne|football || ulol..miettes high ||
Miette|NotanIdol º§º iii iressssssssssssss;;u ]tried t osave the caprfet ciciliaztiojn’ º§º
Daphne|football || see ||
TroubleMakerInChief M lol G
Iorek ~®~ :(Miette|NotanIdol) ~®~
TroubleMakerInChief M crikey look its a sighting of the rare ulol in slytherin G
Miette|NotanIdol º§º the werew being bullii;”d º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º by meanpoesl º§º
Daphne|football || you are being bullied by mean people? ||
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i jstu fell asleep º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º and someoenye;;ed º§º
Daphne|football || go to bed honey ||
* Alice[Zzz] is now known as Alice|SchoolWTH
Miette|NotanIdol º§º no yhe d=carpte peopoe were being attacjed bymean oeio;;l;e] º§º
Alice|SchoolWTH ……..
Alice|SchoolWTH what the hell
Alice|SchoolWTH o__O
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i see :parents] thtatath aere so nmad bebsuse thediddnt see themthst º§º
Daphne|football || yeah ||
Daphne|football || sure ||
Miette|NotanIdol º§º these damn farmers need ti undertsnt that if they want the aar he illeveryhio º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º im sorry7 im ouy=t og-f idras º§º
Iorek ~®~ o_O ~®~
Iorek ~®~ Dee, go to sleep ~®~
Ashlee what is going on?
Miette|NotanIdol º§º youare on you own º§º
Iorek ~®~ yah yah, now turn off the comp and go to sleep ~®~
Miette|NotanIdol º§º \the world in you crapets are still ing to break free º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º butt he techology º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º failt to let them leive ggree º§º
Daphne|football || Miette is high on ambien ||
Daphne|football || like always ||
Rory|PiW ~+~ someone should go and take away her supply ~+~
Rory|PiW ~+~ lol ~+~
ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY High on life would be safer
Ashlee I thought I hid them?
* EvilIndia (~indiajoll@ Quit (Ping timeout)
Iorek ~®~ seems you didn’t do it right, Ashlee ~®~
Ashlee it would seem so
Ashlee I’ll have to come up with another plan
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i had a vision º§º
Iorek ~®~ tie her to a rock and throw it into a lake? ~®~
Miette|NotanIdol º§º of people tyrin gto take it awayty form me º§º
Daphne|football || she is having visions now…great ||
Rory|PiW ~+~ sounds goos ~+~
Rory|PiW ~+~ d ~+~
ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY having visions does not make you a prophet
Rory|PiW ~+~ nah, just nuts ~+~
Miette|NotanIdol º§º a fat white schic abd somre-skinneyasss balack ubutt º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º will try to tai t º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º jwhiligot tubtube[ º§º
* Addie[PiN] is now known as [Zzz]ero
ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY so when will she see fluffy bunnies?
Iorek ~®~ soon ~®~
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i fell scik º§º
Iorek ~®~ no way ~®~
ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY what a surprise
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i thik i sofld lilke throwwm º§º
{Meg} @____@
{Meg} is Dee sloshed again?
ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY yeppers
Iorek ~®~ looks like ~®~
{Meg} ahh
Miette|NotanIdol º§º there us aother bear º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º it mutateed º§º
{Meg} o.o
{Meg} a mutating bear?!??!
{Meg} i’m really glad i don’t drink XD
Miette|NotanIdol º§º meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee/ º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i took 5 ambien º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º 5555555555555555555555555555555555555555 º§º
{Meg} …………
Iorek ~®~ no kidding ~®~
Miette|NotanIdol º§º like º§º
{Meg} dude
Miette|NotanIdol º§º no º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º wiat º§º
{Meg} wow
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i took three º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º but went atstole the beothe emddifcien and took 5 more º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º i haven ingesties yey º§º
Daphne|football || yes..she is gone ||
* ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY wishes she had a camera to take pics of her like this for future blackmail
Miette|NotanIdol º§º ok off too bed º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º but first º§º
Miette|NotanIdol º§º smll drem of odl eomen essnidn yojnfdfbofy part from lisd amd teeacgers º§º
ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY wow, that is really messed up
Iorek ~®~ I’ll save this log future blackmail ~®~
Miette|NotanIdol º§º now some old hags want to knocked doww a wall on the castle for redecoratig º§º
ArdeliahSLEEPINGISHY I’m sure they do
Daphne|football || lol ||
Daphne|football || i always log her ambien nights ||
TroubleMakerInChief M this is the first time ive seen her like this….im usually already asleep :P….or just waking up G
Daphne|football || always here for her moments ||
{Meg} dude Daph
* TroubleMakerInChief makes a note to stick around 😀
{Meg} we need to charge admission
{Meg} >:D
Daphne|football || oh yeah ||
Daphne|football || ok..its food and nini time for me ||
Daphne|football || bye everyone! ||
Daphne|football || BYE HUBBY! ||



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