Every breath you take….

I am not a stalker, though I wouldn’t mind stalking a couple celebrities innocently. I would never sleep in their bed (unless they asked me to & it was with them in it the same times as me & we were doing some wiggle jiggles) or steal articles of clothing from their homes (unless they gave it to me willingly).

There is actually only a about 5 celebs I would just flip out if I ever met them. Most of these celebs are not the “mainstream” celebs. I can really care less if I meet Tom Hanks or Angelina Jolie. To me, I would just say “Hello” if I decided to walk up to them and talk. Most likely, I would just take out my camera phone and snap a pic.  To me these types of actors, and I blame media for this, puts them on such a pedestal that they seem inaccessible to their fans. Like you need special permission to even walk on the same side of the street. They don’t seem approachable. I am most likely wrong, but due to the media hype that surrounds “A-list” actors I get that vibe from them. Sort of the “Pretty People” syndrome. Ya know the one where all the people are afraid to talk to the popular pretty people because you may think they will feel annoyed by even associating with you, they are snobs, or what is the use they won’t acknowledge you. That is the vibe I get off these actors. Plus, I just feel they are put in certain movies because of who they are, not what their talent actually is (Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt…etc).

The actors that I would flip out at meeting are i guess what you call “B” list actors. But to me they aren’t. To Hollywood mainstream they are. Also, I am a horror fanatic so we are a totally different breed in of itself. We horror fans tend to know the actors that played Michael Myers in the first 3 movies or How many Jason Voorhees actors there were, or actually know that many of the women in horror movies are empowering. We can have an intelligent and in depth  conversation about how horror movies actually relate to past,present, and future societal norms/events. So we get a bad wrap because mainstream tends to overlook the horror/fantasy/sci-fi/anime genre. We are seen as the crusty underbelly of “real” movies. Well I like the underbelly and my underbelly actors. (let me make this clear I would flip out over anyone from the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genre so my list below is just my RAWR hot sexy talented actors i would fangirl over and do naughty things too.)

Actors like Michael Rooker. This guy has been in so many movies. Most people are like…oh he is “that guy”. Yes Rooker may be a character actor, but isn’t that what you want to be? Don’t you want to be the person that has that range from comedy to drama to action to horror? Isn’t the idea of being an actor to keep on working while bringing entertainment to the masses? I’m pretty sure he has done that. I first saw him in Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer. That movie was so freaking intense & disturbing because it kinda looked like some sort of snuff film to me. It felt grimy and raw and angry and dirty and sweaty. You wanted to take a shower afterwards and make a checklist of what NOT to look for in a mate. He made this character disturbingly likable but disgusting all the same. From this moment, I knew I would love him as an actor. May not like ALL his movies, but I would watch ALL of them to see his craft and well his sexy mug. I mean the guy is 56 (year younger than my mom) & I find him incredibly sexy and would do bad things with him in a heartbeat. He just has that rugged look, raspy voice, infectious laughter, loves his fans, INCREDIBLE BODY (Slither anyone?) and just seems like one crazy dude that has more charisma  in his one pinky than 100 Don Juans put together. Also, his laugh…UGH HIS LAUGH!!! I get tingly just thinking about it.  Now I can’t wait until Season 2 of Walking Dead. You should follow him on twitter he is @michaelrooker on twitter.

The 2nd person i would flip out for is Norman Reedus. The guy is insane! Insanely hot, funny, artistic, appreciates his fans, physically amazing and still has the face of a young 30 year old man (HE IS 41!!) I watched him in Boondock Saints. That was an amazing action dark comedy. It was so Balls to the Wall and had the perfect actors, directing, script..everything. It was just awesome. After Boondocks, I haven’t seen him in anything else until The Walking Dead and was like…”god he looks familiar”. I went to iMDb and was like “SHIT, he was in Blade 2, Pandorum, Charmed, Gossip…etc” Movies and shows I watched just it never clicked. So after I realized, I re-watched the movies and was just amazed. Then I followed him on Twitter (@wwwbigbaldhead) and fell in love with his photography and how awesome he is with fans. He actually talked to them and responded. The one day i @’ed him and BAM I got a Direct Message. I started to hyper ventilate. HOW COOL WAS THIS?!!! Like for real bitches! then I responded back and BAM again! He Dmed me 2 more times and I just freaked the freak out. This makes me ❤ him so much more because he seems approachable and wouldn’t step back from fans.

The other 3 actors I would freak out at just because I am huge fans of them and love their work and appreciate their craft and talent and their HOTNESS are:

3.)Joel Edgerton. Watch him in Animal Kingdom. I thought  it was his best work but he was also in Smoking Aces…funny, King Arthur…mmmm action, Kinky Boots…funny, dramatic goodness, Spider….and amazing short that is just…WOW, The Square…which is an amazing thriller, The Upcoming Warrior…comes out on my B-day with sexy Tom Hardy (MMA inner demon, family drama film) Prequel to The Thing, and the new Great Gatsby movie. Can’t wait! All amazing and will be amazing…PLUS HE IS AN AUSSIE SO HE HAS AN ACCENT. Accents make you twice as hot!

4.) Jason Clarke. I watched him in Brotherhood. An Irish mob series that was on Showtime back in 2006-2008. I thought it was way better than the Sopranos. The storylines were fantastic. He is another Aussie, but he pulled off that Rhode Island accent perfectly. I had no idea he was from Australia until I iMDb’ed him. Then he disappeared and came back to the short lived Fox series Chicago Code. UGH he was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! Again great storyline, but I appreciate how he immersed himself into the Chicago police life. He did ride alongs to see how they work. To get that feeling of what it was like day to day. I am so sad the series was cancelled. Shawn Ryan wrote a great series. started a bit slow but it all came together in the end and it was a GREAT ending. Next for Jason is “The Wettest County in the World” and “The Great Gatsby” YAY both my Aussies are in it!

5.) Jason Isaacs. I really don’t need to explain this. He had me at his Icy Blue eyes. Then I watched him in practically everything he has been in and re-watched movies I didn’t realize he was in. He is perfect. Great actor. Can pull off accents like no other. Such talent. And he is sexy. SO FREAKING SEXY. I originally watched Brotherhood because of him. Then I swooned over both of the Jasons. There is even a scene in the first season of Brotherhood where he is NEKKID! but you don’t see his dangling  bits….I was sad. But you saw his body and it was good. It was OH SO GOOD.

Honorable Squees and fangirl freakness because I just love their acting and they seem like cool people to chill in a pub and shoot the shit with are:

  1. Sean Bean
  2. John Barrowman
  3. David Tennant
  4. Catherine Tate
  5. Graham Norton
  6. UK Top Gear hosts
  7. Sam Jackson
  8. Quentin Tarantino
  9. Cast of Firefly/Buffy & Joss Whedon
  10. Takashi Miike
  11. PETER O’TOOLE <—The fucking man and what every actor should aspire to be. He has so much talent and is my absolute favorite actor EVER. GIVE HIM A DAMN OSCAR ALREADY YOU FUCKTARDS!
Any who, that is my list. I know I will add to my I want Freak the Freak out list, but this is all i have now. Who are yours?!
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